At Private Label Liquid we focus on providing premium custom e-liquids to a variety of E liquid suppliers, from big and small brands, to chain stores to vape shops. We offer a wide range of custom blends flavor to special label design and full production and manufacturing of private labeling of E-liquids.


Our premium blended E-Juice are made to order right here in the USA. The strength of nicotine levels and the flavors combination are customized to your taste and needs.


We make it simple for our E-liquid suppliers and that is why we are considered to be a premier choice for anyone looking to grow their e-juice business.


Headquartered in South Florida, Private Label Liquid is one of the premier e-ljuice manufacture company that have the capability to produce up to 30,000 bottles per day in a variety of different sizes and shapes of packaging.


Contact us for a custom quote or just to discuss how we can help your e-liquid business.