“50,000 Custom Blends Premium Flavors Combination.”

Over 300 Flavors to choose from

All of our E-Juices are 100% America Made. Each E-Liquid batch is mixed and bottled in our state-of-the-art U.S.A facility, with semi-automatic machines. We carefully fill, cap and label each bottle to ensure proper identification during the manufacturing process. Every batch is tested for quality control before it packaged and shipped.


We follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) and we follow all OSHA requirements and all certifications are updated on a yearly basis.


Our quality assurance testing is second to none. We test for pH solids and specific gravity in our quality control testing lab.


On our production lines, we can produce small orders from 1,000 pcs to large orders of 500,000 pcs to your exact specifications.


We can fill a wide variety of bottles from PET to Glass to Soft bottles in different shapes and sizes of 5ml, 10ml, 12ml, 15ml, 20ml and 30ml bottles.


We also manufacture larger size e-liquid base mix of PG/VG in bulk size of gallon and drums.


“We have developed formulas to meet the unique flavors needed for your private label e-juice.”

Your choice of Nicotine levels

We have developed formulas to meet the unique flavor needs of your private label e-juice.


We offer different Nicotine levels:

  • 0mg (No Nicotine)

  • 3mg (0.3% Nicotine)

  • 6mg (0.6% Nicotine)

  • 9mg (0.9% Nicotine)

  • 12mg (1.2% Nicotine)

  • 18mg (1.8% Nicotine)

  • 24mg (2.4% Nicotine)

  • 30mg (3.0% Nicotine)


Or any other nicotine level of your choice.


We offer custom labels solution to support your brand identity.


Our premium formulated custom blends eliquid are blended in our facility, using the ingredients.


Your own unique custom blend ejuice formula will stay confidential only for you and your brand. We assure in keeping your trade secrets well documented, safe and secure.